Dear Tattoo Lovers,

We are glad that you chose Nuclearabbit for your tattoo!

Our capable tattoo artists are specialized in various styles and will help your idea come to life!

Below you will find a clear guideline on how to get an appointment with us.


how to book

A tattoo appointment will be made exclusively at the shop or via email.

It’s important to think carefully about the time you will need before and after the tattoo. We always suggest having the day off when you will have your tattoo appointment and if it is possible also the day after.

The day before and the day of the tattoo appointment you need to be fit and healthy: no drugs, no alcohol, well rested and not hungry.

If you have any doubt or question just ask us, we will be more than happy to help!


For a tattoo appointment the deposit is mandatory and costs a minimum of 50€. You can pay the deposit with a bank transfer, by cash in the studio or with PayPal.

After we have received the deposit – that you have agreed with the tattoo artist – your booking becomes binding for us and for you.

If you can not attend your appointment, no problem, you can postpone it but you must notify us at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise your deposit will be retained.
The deposit is for booking an appointment and we refund it only in special cases or if we have to cancel your appointment.

If your appointment is cancelled by us, you will get your deposit back or you can have your appointment rescheduled.
You cannot transfer your booked appointment to another person.


tattoo section bg image

before the appointment

All the appointments that have been booked with a deposit are confirmed for you and for us.

We do not send any drafts, pictures, etc via email or social media. We are always available for a meeting in the studio before your appointment to look at the draft together with the tattoo artist or to discuss any changes.

If you don’t feel satisfied with the tattoo draft that we did for you that’s not a problem, we will of course modify it, when possible, together with you.

If you don’t end up liking the final tattoo design, you will not have a refund of the deposit.

the tattoo appointment

The day of your tattoo appointment has finally arrived.

Please, before the tattoo session you should get a good night’s sleep and must be healthy and fit.

Also we recommend not to come to the tattoo appointment on an empty stomach.

We reserve the right to cancel your appointment if you appear sick, obviously in bad health or under drugs or alcohol.

During the tattoo session you may take photos and videos with your mobile phone if it does not interfere with the tattoo artist’s work.

It’s always nice to ask beforehand either way.

Long tattoo sessions or tattoos in painful spots may require a break where you can eat, drink or smoke.